A quote from Rex Myers, the Daviess County (Indiana) historian, regarding the presentations I have done for his high school history classes, as well as the one-man stage show:


County Historian

L. Rex Myers
Daviess County Historian

Re: A Visit with Abraham Lincoln

To whom it may concern:

    Since 1998, Mr. Dean Dorrell's, A Visit with Abraham Lincoln, has presented a realistic visit with our 16th President of the United States to my Washington High School United States history classes.

    Mr. Dorrell's re-enactment provides many anecdotal examples of this great American politician. Mr. Dorrell's imitation of A. Lincoln's high pitched cracking voice for the first time provides this generation of audiences an example of the contrast between A. Lincoln and the current generation of smooth talking head politicians of the mass media mode. His Lincoln costume and awesome physical appearance makes Lincoln believable.

    His question and answer sessions in or out of character indicates a depth of Lincoln knowledge and adds to his performance.

    I recommend this program to all junior high, secondary, college and adult groups plus the fortunate audiences at Lincoln State Park's amphitheatre during the summer time.

Yours Truly,

L. Rex Myers, Daviess County Historian
Washington High School History Teacher